Towards a new way of working

Given developments on a personal level - with ongoing projects at the Helix Centre, Humane Engineering and with Being and Dying - and also on a larger inter-personal level with the emergent limitations, frustrations and successes in social media, publishing and communication, I thought it might be worthwhile to set up a controlled, cohesive space to capture the work I do at all various stages. So I created a journal.

I'll be using this occasionally (so expect sporadic, short, long, sometimes inconsistent posts) ranging from all the areas of interest I have. From my work designing human-centred, relationship-based products and services centred around end-of-life care at the Helix Centre ; the continuing hard work of bringing a mental health product that uses music therapy via Humane Engineering and our app Cove; and some of the overlapping ideas and issues from my research studio Being and Dying. Perhaps even some photos that would have traditionally gone on Instagram, or music links that will typically live on Spotify.

I think for those of us fortunate enough to have some modicum of technical expertise, we are afforded more privacy, control and voice than others. I've been slowly weaning myself off most social media, but maintain an active Twitter presence (mostly because there remains, for all its faults, a fantastic community of people wanting to connect and speak to each other about good, important things). I think there is a better way to connect, and share ideas, and perhaps one of the oldest ideas of the modern internet: the personal blog, may work well.

I am also using this platform as a way to test ways of writing, and I'll probably follow this post with some published work that I think deserves wider attention.

That's it for now.